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Software factory

At Nexbox, “Digital Skills” means understanding and applying new technologies without neglecting organizational and business principles that have always worked.

We offer high quality Software Factory services, helping them to accelerate time to market, increase software quality and achieve their business objectives.

Our services propose to increase the maturity of software development processes, enabling a gain in product delivery capacity.

Best practices:

Metrics: monitoring and measuring the performance of the team and the software factory We use relevant metrics, such as speed, quality and efficiency.

Agile Model: We implement the agile model for software development, which promotes collaboration and continuous value delivery.

High Performance Team: We hire and train teams of highly skilled and motivated developers who can work together effectively.

Innovative Platforms: We use innovative platforms such as AWS to provide additional capabilities such as scalability, security and agility to the software development process.


  1. Application Managed Services

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Manage applications and services properly and continuously improve them, reducing downtime, rework and making the environment more efficient.

Adopting the Service Lifecycle Management processes (ITIL Service Management) present in the Application Support front and the Application Management Processes (ITIL Application Management) present in the Service Requests front, we guarantee that both the demands of the day day-to-day how demands for improvements are carried out very efficiently and in an integrated manner.

Application management is aligned with the client's business, financial and operational strategies.

We can detail any solution oriented to Service Groups (REACTIVE/PROACTIVE) x (SUPPORT/SERVICE REQUESTS) x (COVERAGES/LEVELS/SLAS).


  1. Network Solutions

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Consulting for networking solutions effectively:

Technical expertise: staff with advanced knowledge of networking technologies and capable of identifying and resolving complex issues.

Needs analysis: when starting a consultancy, we develop a managed activity of technological assessment of the client's network needs and identify areas for improvement.

Solution Design: We offer customized solutions to customer network issues, taking into account their specific needs and business objectives.

Implementation: We help with device configuration, testing and staff training.

Post-deployment support: continuous support after deployment, analysis and survey of errors and problems, we guarantee network availability and monitor performance.

We maximize the performance and availability of your networks, in addition to mitigating risks and ensuring information security.

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